Click on Scam Email –> Destroy your Data

Posted on securitycompliance

FireEye Blogpost last week about phishing emails using the iCEDID phishing infection has an interesting image explaining this concept: This is a sophisticated phishing setup and thus it behooves us to review this carefully. If you notice the initial phishing email when opened has several embedded items as well as a password structure so that […]

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China and your Cybersecurity is What?

Posted on China

Don’t you wish that Chuck Norris came out of retirement and took on the Chinese cyber hackers? First let us set the stage: We have discussed  in the past blogpost the ‘awakening moment’ of Chinese hacking into American companies: Here is the post  (I like to show you the full link so you are […]

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Catfishing Illegal? Spearfishing on Steroids?

Posted on ITSecurity Training

Threatpost has the story  in Utah legislation work.   Let’s explain some catfishing: “The practice of catfishing often occurs in online dating or social-networking scenarios in which someone takes someone else’s personally identifiable information–such as photos, addresses, educational history or professions–to pretend to be that person to seem more attractive or interesting to people they […]

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